Paula Jardine

Paula Jardine is an artist with a background in dance, theatre, and writing with an emphasis on Canadian History and Folk Traditions in ritual and seasonal celebrations. She is interested in reviving and redefining community arts and the artist’s role in the community, exploring and cultivating forms that celebrate and connect us to each other, the land, and natural cycles.

She was the founding Artistic Director of the Public Dreams Society, where her work in outdoor spectacle theatre and celebration was the foundation for the Illuminares Evening Lantern Procession, and the Parade of the Lost Souls. She speaks of her work with Public Dreams Society in Public Dreamer, a short documentary created as part of the Documenting Engagement project.

Since 2005 Paula has been artist in residence at Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, creating the annual Night for All Souls with long time collaborator Marina Szijarto. She is also artist in residence at Royal Oak Burial Park.

Now living on Vancouver Island, where she continues to explore her role as an artist in her community, Paula is committed to work that honours wild salmon, and is an active volunteer in her Victoria neighbourhood of James Bay.


A Night for All Souls: An Interview with Paula Jardine (Daily Undertaker, 2010)

Paula Jardine speaks about All Souls Event (Video, 2013)