Marina Szijarto

Marina Szijarto is a visual and celebration artist with a diverse and eclectic arts practice working within the mediums of community-engaged rites and celebrations, site-specific installations, theatre, dance, and performance.

She is a Jessie Richardson Award-winning professional costume and set designer working with such companies as Leaky Heaven Circus, The Caravan Farm Theatre, Studio 58, and The Electric Company.

Marina has worked on numerous community engaged public art projects across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia creating mosaics, banners, murals, giant puppets, and lanterns and designing celebratory events such as the Harvest Full Moon Project in Richmond. She is the Creative Director of the Public Dreams A Midsummer Fete – a celebration of Art, Environment and Organic Gardening community event at Colony Farm Regional Park.

Alongside Paula Jardine, Marina is also the Art Director/Designer at Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemeteries annual Night For All Souls. She has been exploring the artist’s role in rites of passage (specifically death, funerals, and mourning) for the last 12 years and has pioneered the use of Shrines to honour the dead in Vancouver community based events.