Julie Salverson

Julie Salverson is a writer, producer, scholar, and community animator. She has written plays, essays, and opera and has published extensively about the artist as witness, historical memory, ethics, and the imagination. She is Associate Professor of Drama at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and Adjunct Professor at The Royal Military College of Canada.

Julie uses theatre as a vocabulary for analysis, education, activism, and healing with groups and communities who have suffered from violence and violation, such as refugees and people living in poverty. She has worked extensively developing curriculum and arts work in professional/community partnerships and gives workshops and presentations using creative arts methods to share stories, analyze community issues and address difficult dynamics within groups and organizations.

After a decade researching the uranium trail across Canada and the United States that led to the creation of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs, Julie wrote the libretto for Shelter (2012) a chamber opera that uses the absurdist humour of the “clown” approach to poignantly explore uncomfortable truths about life. She further describes this journey in her nonfiction book Lines of Flight: An Atomic Memoir (to be published in 2016).

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